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We are a Marin County based design and service oriented architectural firm. Throughout our years of successfully completing many custom residential projects, we are always reminded that the process and experience for the people we work with is a very personal one. Therein lies both the pleasure and challenge of what we do. Moreover, we know that, for many of our clients, this process can be daunting, even overwhelming. Our role is always to listen to our clients, hear their ideas, help them organize their thoughts and wish lists, their visions, apply the collective information and give coherence and clarity to the project. Above all, we strive to help our clients feel comfortable in the process with on-going communication throughout the project, providing appropriate information and helping them with timely decisions.

Our goal: To translate client living patterns and stated needs of the program into a thoughtful and appropriate project direction, site sensitive, incorporating generous use of natural light, healthy and sustainable materials, connection to the landscape, attention to detail, all the elements of good design together with continuous client feedback and input.

We are very design focused, but also quite committed to the other important components of the process: Project analysis (feasibility of ideas within the code, site constraints and budget expectations), preliminary design and design development (early schemes with possible alternatives, refinement, preliminary costing analysis), Planning Department coordination and design review where required, construction and building permit plans and specifications, contractor coordination and construction phase observation and consultations (often many consultations) throughout the entire process. We have actual building experience and while we are designers at heart, we are equally focused on providing complete and detailed construction plans as a critical means of communication.

 PROFILE: Henry Taylor

I am a graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. I became an associate in the office of William Turnbull/ Charles Moore in San Francisco and formed my own firm in 1975 with a desire to work primarily with residential clients and their projects, large and small but always personally important.



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